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Trade shows. You love them. You hate them. You aren’t sure if you are going to go this year. Sound familiar? 


There are a myriad of reasons why you may want to re-think that. Most of them point to the all-important “E-word”… EDUCATION! Trade shows may offer show deals from brands large and small, but there’s more to this book than the cover. If improving your craft through days of inspiring education sounds good to you, then trade shows are in fact the place for you! Especially for the independent stylist! Who else is travelling all this way to put on a class just for you?


At this year’s ISSE show in sunny California, they are offering a wide range of classes in both Hair and Nails. There are both paid and complimentary nail education rooms just for you. Hands on Nail Classes offer IBX certifications to trend classes on the hottest looks running around Los Angeles. Want to dip your toe into the world of competitions? If “yes” or even “maybe”, you have to check out the NAHA Stage where hair legends and previous winners like Chrystofer Benson, Lauren Moser, Matt Swinney, Dallan Flint, Jake Thompson, Edward Woody and SO MANY MORE will be sharing their experiences. Learn about what got them to the stage and podium to say thank you, what hurdles they had to overcome to show themselves they could in fact do it. They could win... and so can you.


Ready to get your hands in some hair?! Then sign up for these killer Hands-On classes. From Color and Mens Cutting to Curls, there is truly something for every stylist, at every level. Why not take the opportunity to learn from some of the greats in person!?


There is so much opportunity to learn at trade shows. We hope you’ll seize this rare opportunity to connect with your peers, get inspired and of course to better yourself. We know you are great already, but what if you were just a tiny bit better? Who could stop you from reaching your goals then?! So we’ll see you there right?! 


Get your tickets for ISSE Long Beach here and come say “Hi' to team Bangstyle. Look out for us; we’ll be bouncing around all weekend. We can’t wait to say “hello”, give you a hug, and to let you know in person how much you inspire us! 



Team Bangstyle