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In this day and age, people get to know us even before meeting in person. We carry online personas that are searchable and can have a supremely positive or negative effect. Whether for personal or business use, social media is a force to be reckoned with, and when honed it can make or break your business. 

A few tips for social media success:

Be mindful of composition - everyone loves Instagram and Facebook for its visual ease. To succeed in this arena, try a few tricks to increase exposure, literally. 

- Pick a pleasing background for your model - the lighter the background (and photo overall) the more likes you will get.  

- Switch up positions. It is key to have consistency throughout your Instagram, but make sure you’re not just posting the same picture with different models. 

- Be mindful of light. Try out a few different directions to get the best lighting for your photo. You don’t want something dark and grainy or too light and overexposed, aim foroffset natural light. Some salons even invest in a ringlight to ease this process and bring uniformity to photos.

- Post often! As with anything else, the more often you post, the better. Remember to find trending hashtags and tag your photos so they are easily searchable. 


Don’t over-share, and be careful with what you do share - It is best not to use social media as a sounding board for complaining about clients or co-workers, those thoughts are best left unsaid. Everything is searchable these days, even when you thought you may have deleted it, the cloud keeps everything. That being said, be sure to be aware of any personal posts, you are an ambassador for your own brand so be aware of posting your wild nights out. It is always a good idea to keep personal and business profiles separate and maintain a level of professionalism in each. 

Know your audience - Like attracts like. Getting to know your audience on social media is similar to the way in which you have attracted clients over the years. They appreciate your hard work, a love to see your passion and creativity shine through. Everyone has their own wheelhouse, so speak to that and don’t try and emulate something or someone you’re not.


There are many online resources, namely: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Utilizing these platforms and many others within the social media spectrum is an amazing way to bring success, fame, and new business to your salon. Want to educate yourself and succeed through social media? Colorphlex is going to show you how! Enter now to win a FREE trip to LOS ANGELES where you will learn more about Social Media for your business, get a tour of Hollywood, VIP passes to the California Saga Tour, and even some time to soak up the California sun! 

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