3d001a6b185ac50b21f2 summer hair tips and trends

Starting in Spring and carrying out through Summer, we tend to raise our expectations on our beauty; we desire a glow; the tan and some awesome beach hair! It is the perfect time to rock some balayage layers or pop in gold, buttery blonde, or even icy cool pieces around the face.

We are ready for some extra shine in our curls to accompany the body in our waves!

Amidst the excitement for new highlighters or bronzers for our skin, sometimes we occasionally forget the prep for our hair. That’s right, there is prep for your hair before the sun or bleach gets to it. Since the hair is vulnerable to many external factors during the warmer months, it is essential to help restore its health before the damage gets a chance to kick in.

From having it colored, to the chlorine, salt from the ocean or the hot sun, your hair can be susceptible. For some of us, we wait until it is too late, then the worrying begins. We need our ends cut pronto and a DIY hydrating mask stat. We can skip all of that and make a few quick fixes that don’t require much effort to get your hair healthy now so it has more strength later. First, toss out your drug store hair care products and get a shampoo and conditioner that both stimulates your hair for growth and employs antioxidants to fight against pollutants and chemicals. By switching to Revita, your shampoo and conditioner will actually strengthen the hair shaft, deliver nutrients to the scalp, and protect your color.

With that simple change in your hair diet, it would seem there is no dire need for a step two. But if your mindset is set on having beautiful, stunning hair, then check in with your stylist before your next appointment and talk with them about getting a Continuum treatment. It will help repair moderate to severely damaged hair while developing strength within the hair’s central cortex. It even has a take home so that you can maintain the results throughout the Summer months, the time you need it most.

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