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As long as your hair looks great, the heat will be the least of your worries this summer. If you’re a curly girl who likes to wear their locks in their natural state or prefer a styled look, check out these tips to keep your curls looking their best throughout the summer season.

Wand it!

No matter how beautiful your natural curls are; there is just something about touching them up with a wand that adds a finishing touch. This can be used on air or diffuse dried hair. When using this method section hair starting at the bottom near the nape and work your way up. Pick up curls that have a kink in them or got overly frizzy, or any curl you just aren’t crazy about. Using a wand (instead of a curling iron), begin to wrap these pieces in the same direction they are naturally curling – this will help your curl hold.  Around your hairline, use the wand to calm the curls in your preferred direction.Do this by simply holding the curl taught and running the wand from root to about 2 inches off scalp. This will get rid of any frizz around the scalp and aid in frizz reduction.


Pony Up!

What’s cuter than a curly pony? To get the perfect pony with curly hair, don’t pull your hair back too taught. Allow some wiggle room to show off your natural texture. To add softness, leave baby hairs around the hairline out as this creates a more ethereal look. If your pony feels like a giant poof, simply curl the ends to create control.


Twist It!

Try twisting your curls and pulling them back into a half or full pony. Twisting your strands before securing them will control the curl and add a stylish element. You may even want to apply a smoothing serum like Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray or  Macadamia Professional Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray to give your hair hold and tame flyaways.  


Beachy Braid

For those of you who love your natural texture and want to live the bohemian dream, this beachy braid is for you! Prep hair by spraying Macadamia Professional Texturizing Salt Spray throughout damp hair and allowing it to dry. Once strands are dry, rake your fingers through your curls to break them up a bit. Leave out tendrils around the face, take a half ponytail parting and begin a lose braid off to the side. Continue to braid to preferred side taking both small and large sections. Once you are done with the braid, hold the end tightly and begin to pull out some of the sections to loosen the braid even more. Secure the end with an elastic and spritz with Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist  for sheen.

Whether your plans this summer involve the summer sun or staying out all night, rock these looks to keep your natural texture in style! Be sure to stalk Macadamia on Bangstyle and follow them on Instagram for their latest styles of the season!