E132d58f36cabb72614b faking waves

Cover Style: Tiffany Decaux


This look, raw yet refined, remains feminine and free while still exuding control and contrast, show off a delicate dance between textures as you fake the waves this summer.


You can achieve this sultry style on hair that is any length long enough to hold a wave.

Wash and condition your hair with Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner to remove hair of excess frizz to keep your style on the smooth side.

Prep damp hair with Bombshell Blowout Spray at the roots and Smooth and Shine Serum on the mid-shaft to ends. Use a paddle brush to rough dry hair with a voluminous base and smooth styled ends.

Beginning at the nape, work section by section to the front, using your flat iron to create loose waves. Aim to keep a softness to the style as you move the flat iron throughout your strands with ease.

Use another dab of Smooth and Shine Serum to ends when finished to add even more shine!


To add a flirtatious feel to your look, opt for a berry lip stain and lengthen lashes with mascara for movement.  Then have a little fun with your nails, mix it up for the summer and try a brighter hue to go with your brand new waves.

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