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As with any industry, the hair industry must grow and change to adapt to the growing market and workplace trends of the individuals involved.  In our industry, for the most part, stylists have always had a less structured environment, oftentimes being their own boss and maker of their own destiny and success. As we watch the tides change again, a new wave of “freelance” has come over the industry and doesn’t appear to be subsiding.


The fun part about witnessing this trend firsthand is the creative workflow that appears to be forming to compensate to the needs of employee’s. In this case we are fortunate enough to learn about Hourly Stylist, a booking app and website designed specifically with stylists who like to freelance in mind. It puts the control back in the freelancer’s hand, and allows them to schedule time at salons in their area, at an hourly rate versus weekly, or monthly rent.


The app is as easy to use as booking a workout class, and offers more than just a chair, but a community to go alongside it.  Each salon that Hourly Stylist operates in is meant to feel as though you are part of the team, even without the commitment. You are given a station, access to back bar product, and towels, so all you need to bring are your supplies and tools for any given client. To use the service you must be licensed and carry your own insurance, and you simply sign up on the app at least an hour before your first appointment, for at least 3 hours at a time.


Whether you are a seasoned stylist, traveling, or just beginning, this app is the perfect tool to grow your business, clientele, and technique. When you become part of the Hourly Stylist network, it also opens you up to a plethora of continuous education through their classes. You get to know other stylists, salons, and educators without the commitment, unless you want to make one. Hourly Stylist gives you the chance to try out a salon before making it your permanent home.  


Take a peek at their site, try out their app and see for yourselves; this tool helps freelance artists and artists looking for a chance or a new beginning the right amount of support and freedom.