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If you haven’t heard of the latest trend, Perms for Men, or “Merms” you’re missing out! Texture in hair has been a growing trend, so much that women and now men are asking for perms again! This resurgence is seen everywhere from the runway to the street and we love the looks!


While you may be thinking this is the silliest thing you’ve heard since the “Manny” or “Murse”, lets just stop for a second and think about Jon Snow, for any non Game Of Thrones devotees, Kit Harrington…YUM! If this wasn’t proof enough, we thought we would take you on a little walk down memory lane to showcase Merms Before [or as] they were stars…


Although in recent years, Justin Timberlake has turned his texture into a stunning, drop dead gorgeous, eye-catching hairstyle, he used to rock the original au naturel Merm.


Bradley Cooper took his hair for a curly ride by getting it permed for his role in American Hustle. I tend to go straight for his baby blues, but what do you guys think of Bradley’s curls?


I can’t help but look at Tom Hanks and smile, maybe even tear up a bit. He’s been the face of some of our favorite dramatic roles, romantic comedies, and comedies over the past few decades. We absolutely love his original curl, and think his style should be used as inspiration for modern day merms.


It is important to take routine, hair type and texture, and maintenance into account, but Merm’s can be for anyone! Take your pick!