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We've been watching the haircut trend over the past few seasons become less and less loose and long and more and more structured and shapely. Shortening in length and constricting in form, from the lob, we saw the bob, fell in love with the shag and now we are starting to see pixies and pageboys – all in all, we are seeing more haircuts, thus the return of The Structured Cut trend.






Celebs like Michelle Williams, Selma Blair, Bella Hadid, and other red carpet starlets are losing the long carefree layers and opting for a more structured haircut. Structured cuts can vary in length and shape, but will give you a gorgeous style that will turn heads on and off the big screen.








I am excited to welcome the return of the Structured Haircut. Cutting techniques shine in these classic shapes that can be worn long or short. The softness and movement comes in the way you style the hair.

- Robert Lobetta








Pictures, pictures, pictures! The key to getting the haircut of your dreams from your stylist is all in the communication of what you want. Sometimes words aren't enough as our interpretations can vary. Whether you grab a pic from Bangstyle or Vogue, do a little show and tell to get the saucy new cut you are after this season. 







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