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Cover Style: Mark Williamson

You want to look gorgeous everyday. And we want you to, too! But we are a bit confused…..Not to point fingers, but why are you busy committing crimes against your hair then?! This list is scary, prepare yourself.


  • Skipping conditioner - this can cause breakage and leads to dull locks. 
  • Splitting your ends/cutting your own split ends - It's tempting, we know especially when you're bored in class or that conference call is lasting way too long. Please refrain from this, your office scissors are not sharp enough and will cause more split ends. 
  • Cranking your iron to the max heat - Ask your stylist which heat setting is right for your hair type, this will ensure healthy, shiny locks day after day. 
  • Using the wrong brush - The smaller the brush the more the curl, the larger the brush the more the volume. For more brush tips, check out this handy guide!
  • Not shampooing enough - Your hair needs to be properly cleansed in order to maintain scalp and strand health.
  • Not towel drying your hair before you brush it - Your hair is in its most susceptible state when it is wet, brushing it without removing excess moisture stretches the hair and can lead to more damage. 
  • Ripping through tangles from the top - take it from us, brush from the ends first and then work your way up the shaft. Starting at the top will only make the tangles worse. 
  • Putting your hair up when it’s wet (and wearing in a pony/topknot everyday) - This causes excess strain and damage to your hair from the root to the ends. Avoid this if you want longer, stronger hair. 
  • Spraying hairspray before you curl - Hairspray contains alcohol and if you learn anything remember: alcohol and heat do not usually mix, unless you're in Miami! Try a spray designed for hair prior to heat. 
  • Using hot tools on damp hair - *Sizzle* We know you've done it, and we know you've heard that fun sizzling sound. This is one of the worse things you can do to your hair with a hot tool. When you hear that sound remember that there is cuticle, cortex, and medulla getting fried - which means your hair will get extra damaged, weak, and look extremely dull! 


If you are doing any of the things on this list, cut it out! We are FULL of tips to help you save your hair and treat it like the beautiful mane it deserves to be. Check out a few of our favorites to keep your hair healthy, happy, strong and shiny. 

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