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Written By: Viki Howell

Styling curly and kinky hair is sometimes a difficult task, styling wavy bangs can be even more challenging. Every girl wants her hair to be soft, natural moisturized and nourished, but how can we make this dream come true? We asked our professionals at one of our favorite Hair Salons to give us easy and useful tips on how to style wavy bangs…



Tip #1 Voluminous Center Part

Actress, Tracee Ellis Ross, has a signature center-parted style that anyone would want to steal. If you want to get the same look, be ready to shake up your curl and get a little wild. Start by applying your favorite serum through towel-dried locks, to create perfect curls and add shine, then twist small sections of hair toward your face from roots to ends. Now, it is time for texture. Gently spritz some texturizing spray throughout strands and separate your top layer in the center. For alternate styles, you can pull your hair in a cute ponytail or low bun once it is dry.  


Tip #2 Pineapple Bangs

Rihanna is well known for her daring hairstyles, and this is definiely one of them. It is a very chic faux-fringe style to compliment your everyday topknot and ponytail. To copy this look, you should start with clean hair and tight or kinky curls. Make a high, loose ponytail and arrange your curls in a semi-deliberate way all over your head to create a faux-fringe, securing it with pins. To finish, spritz all over with a strong hold spray.

Rihanna, Bangs


Tip #3 Straight Bangs

Selena`s long and curly lock looks marvelous with straight, thick bangs. To get this look, separate your wet bangs from the rest of your hair before you start to style them. Add some styling mousse or cream to your hair for extra smoothness and blow-dry it with a large round brush. If you have very kinky and stubborn hair, you might need to finish it with a flatiron and a shine spray.


Love your hair and you'll look beautiful day after day.

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