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Whether you’re doing house calls, working on a shoot, or just like to have an emergency hair kit, take a peek at our top 5 fave items to keep in your ‘go-bag’ at all times! 

THE STITCH - This unique tool will grant you the ability to take your styles to the next level. Whether you need an extra hand with that waterfall braid, chignon or updo or if you’re creating an intricate basket weave - this item is a must have!


FRINGE SNIPPER - Traveling with shears can be tricky and not often the best if you don’t style on set. Packing the fringe snipper is the perfect alternative to risking damage to your shears. It packs all the power of shears but in a travel sized option. It is perfect for creating the perfect fringe, trimming ends, and polishing style. 

MOVOS STYLER - One word... CORDLESS! Because... who knows where the power outlets are going to be. How many times have you been on location - whether in the beach, mountains or street - and there is no outlet. This means you must rely on product… and who wants to bet on that? With the cordless movos styler, you can take heat with you anywhere. 

DRY SHAMPOO - Your model didn’t wash her hair? Big surprise… as much as we wish the odds were always in our favor there are those times where we are left with greasy, pre-styled hair and we need to make amends. Never leave your house without dry shampoo, whether for your clients or yourself. 

HAIRSPRAY - Keys, cell, wallet…hairspray! It is the ONE product you should NEVER leave home without. No matter the look you are trying to achieve, hairspray is the pièce de résistance! Finding a formula the encapsulates workability, hold, and shine is key. Once you find that magic formula, never let it go! 

PS. If you need the perfect bag to fit all of your goodies, KEVIN.MURPHY has a few exclusives in our store that are seriously steal-worthy! Take a peek...


With these 5 items your kit is complete, and you’ll never have to worry about another unforeseen hair disaster! Happy styling!