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Whether your color is tried and true, or you prefer to change up your color as often as you change up your nail polish, there are a few tricks of the trade to ensure perfect color every time. We must warn you though, with this perfect color also comes softer, healthier and shinier hair. Do you think you can handle all of this excitement in one salon sitting?


If you’re anything like us, your color has bounced around a bit and sometimes finds a landing place in your favorite highlighted hue. You wouldn’t consider yourself high maintenance, but playing with color is the fastest and most fun way to change your persona. From beach goddess to punk chic, your hair has been through it all over the years. You always invested in the best products to apply to your hair post color, however the game has changed and instead of just applying products post, it is all about what you put into your hair color while applying. Knowing you, now that summer is here you are dying for fresh color, but maybe you should try something new this year, a bond builder.


When you visit your stylist pre sun sesh, be sure to ask them about colorpHlex. This bond builder is going to be your summer hair savior. By adding colorpHlex to any color service, whether it is highlights, high lifts or permanent color, you are giving your hair a helping hand and a fighting chance. During your color service colorpHlex locks on to the weak bonds in your hair that may be broken or brittle and repairs the damage. The result leaves you with not only stronger hair, but shiner and longer lasting color as well. To spend more time in the sun this summer and have better hair doing it, ask for colorpHlex in your color.


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