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Natural Texture has never been more in style than it is right now.

We know, it feels a bit like Hair: 1, You: 0; but, it’s for the better. Let’s be honest, you were never really gonna win that battle anyway. It’s officially time to stop fighting with your hair.

Not to worry, we won’t make you go it alone. We are kind of obsessed with texture and have been busy writing tips to make your new hair life easier. Check out Do Your Curls Have Multiple Personalities? and How Does This Natural Hair Texture thing work?

Now, here are some styling tips to boost your curl confidence:

Step 1: Back away from the straighteners and hot tools. Not to get too technical, but the “temporary bonds” in the hair are hydrogen bonds and salt links. They break and rejoin wherever hair is blow-dried, set, tonged or hot brushed into a different style. Albeit they can be restored with water/moisture, let’s all agree to just leave the temporary bonds alone for now. To begin the transformation, start with Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for healthier looking locks

There are many ways to go beyond embracing your natural texture. Lets encourage it. The bigger the better we say!

Step 2: Styling your mane. First, let’s get you on the right daily regimen. We cover what’s best for your hair type in our “Bring the Texture” (link) feature. Now, let’s consider lifestyle. Are you ready to air dry and take back that extra hour in the am? Or do you want to stick with blow-drying adding in a diffuser?

Let’s start with the easy breezy Air Dry! Right out of the shower, grab the leave-in of your choice. We suggest, Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist or one of our 3 Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatments. Brush or comb through your hair once. We’ll say this twice (pun intended)…. ONCE. We don’t want to disturb or distress your texture, causing frizz. Twist curls to create some uniformity; lightly scrunch from bottom up with towel releasing excess water, then scrunch in Curl Activating Crème for added curl. Or if you want to tame the texture just a bit, scrunch in Taming Curl Cream .

Want to speed up your morning routine? Do all of the above; follow it with a blow dryer and a diffuser. Give your curls a little separation and definition to your curl post drying, and scrunch in a little Whipped Detailing Cream.

Here’s the key to great hair all day. Wait for it. STOP touching it! Unless of course you want it BIGGER, then play away! Personally, we are super fans of big, big glorious texture.

Ok, you are ready to go out there and show the world what you (and your hair) are really made of. Now go out there and rock your big, beautiful textured hair!