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Finally! The long-awaited summer season is just around the corner. School is out, work is slowing down, and the temperature is heating up. Soon you’ll be out at the beach catching the waves— or the attention of that cute lifeguard. While you can’t wait to bust out that new bikini, you could also feel a little self-conscious about your body.

You’ve been trying all of spring to rid yourself of facial blemishes, unkempt hair, and tone up what’s left from the holidays. Though most products are a hit or miss, DS Labs created a line of products that are sure to get you ready to own the summer season. It’s important to start preparing now, so that you can spend less time worrying and more time relaxing in the sun. Here’s how:

Healthy hair: All of those days spent lounging in the pool and splashing in the waves will begin to take a toll on your hair. The constant barrage of chlorine and salt will definitely build up in your hair. Not only will the water affect your hair, the sun will too! Just like heat from a curling iron, UV rays can damage your hair. In order to keep your locks long and healthy, make sure to use a clarifying and softening shampoo, like Radia. This shampoo and conditioner combo will help restore and protect against damaged hair. Better yet, it also reduces and inhibits buildup, which means that the shampoo will properly cleanse your hair of chlorine and salt. Leaving your strands free to strut their stuff.

Shave no more: Sun’s out, shorts out! Warmer days mean that it is time to break out this season’s latest rompers. The only downside, however, is that you also have to shave more often— or do you? You don’t if you are using a body hair minimizer! Keramene is a special formula that works to target and inhibit hair growth. It can be applied like lotion and it works to keep skin smoother for a longer amount of time. After just a few weeks of use you will begin to see its effects (which is why you should start now). As easy as applying a moisturizer, using the hair growth inhibitor means that you can shave, wax, dissolve, laser or electrolyze hair significantly less often. This means that you can spend less money on razors and more money on your summer shopping spree!

Sayonara cellulite: Since the New Year you’ve been in the gym working on your fitness. You desperately want that summer bod, and after all of your hard work you deserve it. Unfortunately your personal trainer has conveniently neglected to tell you that cellulite cannot be targeted by exercise alone. Don’t lose hope, though. DS Labs has developed a high-tech breakthrough which will make those annoying cellulite dimples take on a smoother, healthier appearance. This cellulite targeting gel, Oligo.DX, will help eliminate cellulite that is trapped under your skin. It will work to get rid of that dimpled fat trapped under the skin of your legs, thighs, and even your derrière.

Flawless Face: Do any of the following apply to you: is your skin dry, flaky, itchy, oily, or red from acne? Well, if not then you have perfect skin and a squad full of haters. For most of us, though, we are plagued by these pesky skin problems. DS Labs has created a skin-perfecting cleanser that can counteract any combination of these issues. It even treats large pores, and it can be used on those of us who have sensitive skin. Using this cleanser regularly will help clear up your skin, and you won’t have to cake on makeup in the summer heat— hallelujah! You don’t need a prescription to have a smooth and radiant complexion, you just need the right cleanser. You’ll be able to pull a Beyonce and wake up #flawless.

Lovely Lashes: Hot summer days make wearing makeup almost unbearable. As much as you want to go out au naturel, you can’t help but feel like your eyelashes look naked without mascara. As a result, you end up piling on waterproof mascara that weakens and damages your lashes. Don’t let it come to this. Before summer is in full swing, make sure to up your lash game with an eyelash stimulator. This product will help stimulate eyelash growth, and its eye color safe formulation will result in lashes that are longer and look fuller. With longer lashes you won’t need as much makeup when you’re in the water! Again, it takes time to get lust-worthy lashes, so it’s important to prepare in advance for the summer season. The stimulator will result in growth that looks both healthy and natural. You’ll be able to ditch the clumpy mascara and go full-on beach goddess.


Don’t let those summer days sneak up on you. Make sure you develop a game plan so that you can feel confident as you strut down the boardwalk. With DS Labs, you’ll have everything you need to bathing-suit-it-up this season. Hellooo lifeguard! 

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