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Winter is on the way and you’re going to need some simple hair tips to help you stay on top of your style throughout the season. With cold winds, freezing rain and moisture depleting heaters, Winter seems to be hair’s natural enemy. With all the elements working against your hair, ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director Joey Scandizzo has a simple hair guide covering everything from the perfect hair cut, hair products and hairstyles for the season.




The best haircut to have this winter is a regular one. In-between cold climates and toasty indoor heaters, hair becomes dry and prone to split ends. Dry, damaged hair is the biggest cause of frizz during winter. Keep in control of your hair with regular salon visits. By having a hair cut every 5-8 weeks, you will prevent split ends. In turn this will help hair grow longer faster too!




If you’re after a hassle-free cut this winter, a long bob is perfect. By keep the layers long, hair styling is simple. For a style with natural texture and movement, apply Miracle Hair Treatment to damp hair and air dry.




Secondly, it is vital to look after your hair in-between salon visits to maintain your simple hair this winter. Investing in good quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments will quench dry hair, making simple hair styling easy.





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To keep hair easy the manage, try Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. The combination of hydrolysed wheat protein and avocado oil gives hair strength and moisture which is key to protect against winter’s elements. Use this regimen twice to three times a week to keep hair healthy and nourished.





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Good quality hair treatments are like giving your hair a flu shot. By adding a rinse-out treatment to your weekly regimen, hair will be protected all year round. Revive hair with 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment‘s blend of shea butter and proteins. In just 3 minutes, hair is noticeably healthier, shinier and easier to style.




By having regular salon visits, good quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments, hair is much easier to work with. By opting for a more relaxed look this Winter, you will work with the elements instead of against them.





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  1. Prep damp hair with Miracle Hair Treatment and comb through.
  2. Apply I Want Body Volume Foam through roots to ends. Tip head upside down and dry off.
  3. When hair is dry, flick head up and divide hair into 8 vertical sections.
  4. Take a medium size tong and wrap each section of hair around the tong until it warms up.
  5. Once you have tonged each section, allow hair to cool and break up curls with a wide tooth comb.
  6. Section hair with a centre part and pull all hair over to one side.
  7. Finish by spraying Make Me Shine Spray Gloss all over to add shine and smooth flyaways.




  1. Prep damp hair with Miracle Hair Treatment and comb through.
  2. Apply Sea Salt Texture Spray from roots to ends.
  3. Roughly blow dry hair off to create volume and texture.
  4. When hair is dry, pull over to one side with an exaggerated side part at the front.
  5. Create a fishtail braid through the ponytail section.
  6. Finish by spraying Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray.




  1. Prep damp hair with Miracle Hair Treatment and comb through.
  2. Apply Sea Salt Texture Spray through roots to ends and roughly blow dry while twisting hair in vertical sections.
  3. Once hair is dry, apply I Want Body Volume Spray through mid lengths and ends and shake out to exaggerate texture and movement.

With ELEVEN Australia, Winter hair is made simple. Be sure to check out all of their tips and tricks for perfect hair here!