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We all know communication is the most important part of the salon experience. Ironically, we all want the same thing…for the client to go home happy. Unfortunately, we are not mind readers and clients don’t always feel comfortable enough to ask the questions they are most worried about.

We got the scoop on what’s really on their minds. Here are the "Top 20 SCARIEST Questions” to ask your hairstylist.

20. Why does my hair never look the same as when you do it?

19. How do I blow out my hair at home?

18. I am afraid of product. How do I know what to use? And do I really need so many?

17. Why do I go home from the salon with a cut I can never style?

16. I want highlights, but I don’t want chunky ones? Is that the only way I can get highlights? What should I be asking for?

15. Do I need to be nervous about the chemicals you are putting on me?

14. Why does it cost so much when I come to see you?

13. Why do I need to style my hair? Shouldn’t a great cut just be wash and go?

12. How do I protect my ends so they don’t split?

11. Why doesn’t my hair grow faster? I have been trying to grow it out forever.

10. I feel like I burned my hair with the flat iron, what temperature should I be using it at?

9. Is there anything I can do to make my scalp more healthy? And make hair more healthy at the same time? Do supplements really work?

8. What 3 styles can I learn and do for work, home, and a night out? Will you show me how?

7. How often do I really have to get a haircut?

6. What’s the one “must have brush”? Do I really need a paddle, roll and regular?

5. Is there a way to make my head not burn when I am getting my hair lightened or bleached?

4. Is there really a benefit to doing a treatment s in salon versus the kind I can do at home?

3. Why does my color look different from the pic I brought to the salon? Why is it fading so fast?

2. If I am on a budget, what products do I need to have at a price I can afford?

1. Would you tell me if the cut/color I asked for isn’t going to look good on me?

Now that we know what clients are afraid of, let’s see what we can do to make the experience a little less scary!