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We want you to look your best, but don’t want you running around trying every crazy myth and witches potion on your hair to improve its health. Especially when there are so many crazy myths about growing your hair longer that Google is happy to share with you, don’t even get me started on Web MD!

Now, let’s sort fact from fiction and dish up some real tips to improve the quality of your hair.

Cutting your ends will make it grow faster
Sorry to say, but your hair is mostly dead, except the part residing in your scalp. Cutting off dead ends wont make it grow faster. But, it will make your hair appear healthier and prevent more breakage causing you to have to cut even more on your next salon visit.

Pull out a Grey Hair, Two Will Grow Back
False. However, when you pull out one hair, another will grow back in its place. We can’t guarantee or predict the color of the newbie. Chances are you are just noticing more grey hair after pulling out “Patient Zero”. We hate to break it to you, but it’s time to call the salon and book a color service to cover them up! Back away from the tweezers!

Stress can Make you go Grey Early
While we are on the topic of grey, grey hair is not a result of stress. Stress can do powerful things including make your hair fall out along with a myriad of other associated health risks. Diet, lifestyle, genetics and age are the defining factors in deciding when your strands will don a silver hue.

Frequently Styling Hair in Ponytails and Up-do’s will Make your Hair Fall Out
Nope, wrong again. If you frequently wear your hair (tightly) up, you may see an increased amount of breakage. But chances are you are noticing more hair loss when you take out the pony than when your hair is down. The pony isn’t causing it. Normal healthy individuals loose 50-100 strand of hair a day, throughout the day. If you have had your hair up all day, then take it down…you are going to notice more hair as you take it down. Don’t believe us? Check out our feature, Loosing your Hair in the Shower.

Cold Water Makes your Hair Shiny
Cold water can not close down your cuticle or make your hair look shiny. If shiny healthy hair is what you are after….turn to salmon, omega 3’s and 6’s, a great salon regimen of product and turn those hot tools down. There are many ways to improve the overall health of your hair. Luckily, water torture is not one of them.

You Can’t Color Your Hair When Pregnant
You need to speak to your physician and hairstylist first to know what’s right for you and your baby before running to the salon for your root touch up. Luckily, gone are the days of only 1 choice of hair color choc full of chemicals. There are many organic options that will leave you looking, and hopefully feeling, fabulous. Now let’s see what Doc says!

Going Outside with Wet Hair Can Catch You a Cold
My mom looooovvved this one when I was a kid! No it can’t Mom! Exposing hair to extreme cold weather while wet could potentially freeze and break your hair, but the pathogens that cause a cold or flu cannot be transmitted by cold wet hair. The guy hacking on the subway next to you can though.

Box Color is the same as Salon Color Trust us, it’s not! Box color is a one size fits all product. Would you wear a “one size fits all” dress to a black tie dinner? No way right?! Get the full scoop on Box color in our article The Truth about Box Hair Color.

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