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Written By: Victoria Howell 

Celebrity hair stylists have various tricks in their arsenals, but very rarely share them. Secrets of perfect blow-outs, bouncy and long lasting curls, voluminous hairstyles and shiny colors are theirs to keep. Luckily for you, our professionals at the Bon-BonSalon in NYC decided to share some basic hairstyling tips exclusively for you. Bring your dreams to life with our help and you will look stunning day after day.


#1 Mousse is never enough 

Are you afraid that your hair with look crunchy with too much mousse? When is the last time you tried mousse in your hair? There have been huge changes and big improvements on the product front. New hair mousses have extra light structure and formula, which provide great volume without any crunch. Professional hair stylists use far more mousse than you would think. As a result, they get a lot of bounce and lift.  To get the results you want every strand should have mousse to get those rich, coveted results. *Pro Tip: you can apply mousse both on wet and dry hair. For easy application section your hair and apply a quarter-size dallop of mousse on each section before drying. 


#2 Try the cold shot on your dryer

This mysterious button on your blow dryer, not many of us use, is very useful indeed. Hot air not only damages your hair and causes split ends and hair loss but also loosens your curls and makes them flat. So if you want to save your waves and fix them tight, it is better to use a cold shot to finish your look. Section your hair with small, round brush and blow-dry every strand with on hot first, when you have your hair right how you want it, go back through with a cold shot. 


#3 Prevention is better then fixing

Damaged, fried hair with split ends is a nightmare for every hairdresser. Some say that such hair is much easier to style, it provides better grip, but the truth is that your cuticles are raised and causing more and more damage as you style. Preventative haircare should never be neglected. Using heat protectants, UV sprays, oils and deep conditioners are necessary products if you plan to heat style. 

Love your hair and learn something new at the same time. Visit The Bon-Bon Salon in NYC and we will teach you how to take the best care of your hair. Having a healthy and strong hair is a guaranteed to bring a happy and long life.