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You picked up your color bowls, brushes, and gloves and you’re ready to go… or are you? There are a few simple, low key tools to always have on you whenever you are performing a color service. These tools will make your life easier and are items you wouldn’t necessarily think to grab. See our favorite colorist tools and make sure to add them to your kit!


A solid whisk - Sure, you can mix the color with your color brush and be just fine, but it gets messy - having a whisk to mix the color ensures a smooth texture and perfectly a emulsified solution. It will ease application and help you avoid any uneven color. It is especially useful when mixing bleach as pockets of dry bleach can get stuck in the mixture. 



A Handy Tube Key - Color is all about being precise. A tube key should be used from the start to finish of each and every color tube. It allows you to perfectly measure out color and not waste any of the tube. Whether you are using the whole tube, half of it, or just a dab of enhancer - use the tube! 



A Color Applicator Bottle - Time is always of the essence during salon visits. While painting on toner is a solid method, having a color applicator bottle makes everything easier. It allows you to measure, mix and apply product swiftly and securely. Whether applying at the chair or the shampoo bowl, the color applicator bottle is a must! 

These are just a few of our favorite color products, check out Colortrak on Bangstyle to see all of our products and color tips