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Written by: Lori Barsamian

Whether you're a pro, or dabbling in the art of hairstyling, there a few rules to keeping hair safe & healthy while getting the results you want! Follow this expert tips to make sure you are flawlessly styling your hair, not frying it.

1.      Use clean sections when blow drying, straightening, or curling. When sections are not clean, hair is susceptible to breakage, tangling, and knots. To ensure this use a clip or finger to create a clean section before hitting it with the blowdryer. 


2.      Brush each section before applying heat to make sure you are free of tangles. We've all be there, we're rushing to blowout our hair and we hit a snag, trying to simply blow over this and continue blowdrying will only make it worse [*Applying heat over tangles will breakdown your hair because you are often applying heat against  the cuticle] and could leave you missing a chunk of hair. Get any knots out before applying heat. 


3.      Apply a heat protectant - anytime you are even thinking about applying heat to your hair - make sure you have a proper barrier. Blow dry lotions, oils and heat protectant spray can be used based on what style you are performing. There are even heat protectants you can apply post blowout and pre curling or flat iron, these are especially important, just because hair is dry doesn't mean it's safe. 


4.      Make sure the heat is set according to your hair type - If you have fine textured straight hair; chances are you will need much less heat than thick textured curly hair. It is best to check with your stylist on this one. There are basic guidelines for hair type, texture and what heat should be applied for certain styles, and your stylist knows best, they know your hair inside and out and can instruct you on safety.


5.      Don’t Over-Style Your Hair - sure there are somedays when your bangs just aren’t straight enough for your liking, give them a break, or they’ll end up breaking off. When heat isn’t working, it doesn’t help to keep running over the same section, if you must try again - wait until hair cools and then try to re-straighten or curl. If you can deal with less than perfect, try out a braid or add bobby pins to your style to keep it looking kempt without extra styling. 

We love your hair as much as you do and always want to keep is safe, shiny and healthy! Be sure to check out our handy guide on what to eat for healthy hair and stay tuned for tips to help it grow faster!!!