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Cover Photo Style By: The F.A.M.E. Team 2015

Whether your hair is naturally curly, pin straight, fine or thick, it definitely not naturally ombre, sprouting in painted highlights, or forever flowing cinnamon red. The right color can give you tremendous cache and confidence, as long as you’re paying attention to the underlying style that makes it truly pop. Even bad color can be camouflaged with the right hair style. 


Highlighter: These kisses of honey and amber love a wave. Don’t beat them to submission with your hair straightener. If your hair is naturally curly – even better, as intermittent color is a great complement to those oblong hair cuticles. After natural drying or a quick blow-dry, add shape to highlighted strands with a curling iron or wand. Finish with some spray-oil or balm, and see the color light up your face.


Brown all around: One-color hair is traditional, bookish, boyish, even mod, but it can also be super sultry if you know how to work a barrel brush. If you’ve got deep-brown locks, especially if you have a thick hair cuticle, go for straight with a hint of movement. Give your look shape and smooth volume with leave-in conditioner and some glossing spray or balm. Extra points if you can be sure to walk against the wind anywhere you go for a little va-va-VOOM.


Blondilocks: If your hair is naturally light – chances are it’s also fine, so go with the flow. Let your hair air-dry and tousle with a beach spray or a tiny bit of wax. If you’re a bottle blonde you can still play-up the surfer-chick vibe but you’ll have to start with a sleek, straight canvas. From here – either finish with a glossing spray to prevent fly-aways (oh so twiggy) or add a wave with a curling iron or wand to get that “just rolled out of bed (and did my hair but you can’t really tell)” look. 



Radiant Red: Your color packs the punch, so let your style float in its wake. If you have long tresses, remember this – business at the base, party at the ends - blow ‘em smooth with a bit of a curl at the bottom. For shorter lengths – keep it polished with an edge, by finishing your look with a styling wax. 


“I highlighted my hair once…”: I got my highlights done last summer. My stylist says bleach is better than High Pigment Color. I don’t know what toner is. I have always used the same drugstore shampoo my entire life. I hate putting product in my hair. The last time I had a trim was 1997. If you nodded your head to any of these statements, the best hairstyle for you is a shaved head. Besides, there are plenty of places to find a killer wig these days!