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The finger wave is one of those classic styles that are fundamental to any artist’s breadth of work. It teaches product knowledge, manipulation of hair into shapes, about texture and how to control hair. During fall Fashion Week, finger waves made a large resurgence on the scene and remnants of the look are still making headway for spring. This time however, they have a softer shape to them, with hints within ripples, touches in ponytails, or long, lengthy and flowing locks.


There are two main ways to create this look, one is with product and the other is with tools.


If you want to do a classic finger wave and rely heavily on product, you will most likely be working with a shorter haired model or only waving half of the head.


To create a finger wave you need a defined part, a great comb and a flexible product.


Starting off on wet hair use a combination of Gel and Souffle for shine, this cocktail will give your hair the soft feel and strong hold it needs.


Once finger waves are created in the hair, apply a net and blowdry or place under a heater until dry.


The waves can either be left the way they are or shaken out for a more voluminous look.


If you are going for a softer feel, longer hair, and more movement, use hot tools to get the look.


           Start of with clean hair and apply Volume Mousse at roots and Smoothing Cream throughout midshaft to ends and blowdry, creating volume.


Once dry, section by section, spritz Texturizing Volume Spray and begin to use your curling iron to create a wave within the hair.


As you work you way through each section, apply Hairspray to finished sections and allow to cool. If hair needs extra hold, place clips along waves to create a more defined shape.


Once hair is completely cool and set remove pins, apply another layer of  Hold and Gloss Spray for a sheen finish and your waves are ready to walk down the sidewalk or make their way to your next holiday party!


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