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Bangstyle artist <a data-cke-saved-href="https://bangstyle.com/users/Hermiz-72503" href="https://bangstyle.com/users/Hermiz-72503" _new"="">Hermiz shows us how to achieve “long bob waves” in this step-by-step tutorial!

Step 1. Wash hair with recommended shampoo then condition hair

Step 2. Put heat protection products in your hair such as Miracle Hair Treatment from ELEVEN Australia from mid lengths to ends and start drying the hair completely dry 

Step 3. Add dry shampoo section by section thought the whole hair to add texture and thickness 

Step 4. Add light hair spray section by section thought the hair to add hold and also extra texture 

Step 5. Start at the nape area by waving your hair using flat irons (my preferred at this point is the platinum edition Ghd), this technique is simple and very visual, so wave the sections of hair by going towards and outwards of the face alternating between the two directions. The form can be personalized according to needs

Step 6. Once done, break the hair sections by putting your fingers through the hair and giving it a little shake.

Step 7. Finish off with a light hair spray or a texturizing dry shampoo such as the Sebastian one Drynamic!