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The waterfall braid is one of the best styles for summer, it easily complements any outfit and is the perfect accompaniment for hair that is straight, wavy, or curly. As cute as it is, it can sometimes be hard to complete, especially on yourself. We created this tutorial to show you a simple way to create this beautiful braid. 

Begin with clean, pre-styled hair. In this tutorial our model came in with air dried hair and we simply re-styled it with a round brush and blowdryer to give her a finished base style. 



You are going to be creating a flat braid against the head between your natural part and ear. Find the natural part that your model is going to wear, then take a one inch section from forehead to the crown and clip this hair away. You will eventually be weaving this section into the braid.

Then take another horizontal section from hairline, horizontally back, leaving out the section of hair above the ear.

This middle section will be used to create a flat, horizontal braid. Braid this section like a cornrow, flat against the head from hairline to just past the hairline (or as far as you want the waterfall braid to reach). 



Once this braided section is secure, unclip the previous section above this along the natural part. Taking 1/2”-1” sections, use your STITCH to weave these free pieces through the braid.





To finish, simply brush and blend the falling hair with a paddle brush to create softness. 



With this technique, there is no need to worry about slippage because your waterfall braid will be intact all day!


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