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Which one should you pick? Express or Perfect Finish?

So, you’ve made the decision - you’re tired of dealing with frizzy, unruly hair, you’re getting a smoothing treatment - but which one should you pick? 

Stylists will always know based on hair type, lifestyle, and desired outcome which process is best. However, sometimes the client wants to be educated on the services before heading to the salon - the more information the better when making decisions about your hair. One of our favorite things about the Cezanne smoothing system is that, you have choices! 

Express and Perfect Finish are perfect treatments for every hair type - but lets find out which one fits you perfectly! 


Perfect Finish:

You already know that when it comes to your hair; the smoother, the better. This long-lasting treatment will leave you with frizz-free locks for months. You have kinky/curly hair and shudder every time it rains. For you, the extra salon time is worth the extra months of effortless hair. 


You’re dipping your toes into the world of keratin treatments. Your baby fine hair is bleached within an inch of its life and you need your hair to look great, quickly! This, or you have a stubborn cowlick, you tried fringe on your curly hair, or your baby hairs are seriously messing up your style. You opt for less salon time and shorter lasting ability because you get your hair colored every 6 weeks too. 


Still trying to decide which treatment is best for you? Find a salon near you that offers Cezanne and allow a professional to take a look at your hair and tell you more about the process! 

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