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I became obsessed with skincare earlier than most, and throughout my beauty schooling I constantly searched for answers to the most common questions; “How do I get rid of my wrinkles?”, ” “How do shrink my pores?”, “Is there a cure-all for blackheads?”, and the question every guy and girl wants an answer to: “Why am I breaking out?!”


Naturally, you’ll go through a laundry list of reasons: “It’s my lotion, or maybe the face wash??” “It must be the sunscreen!” “I switched birth control, my hormones must hate me!” “I have been eating a lot of sugar, it must be the sugar, I heard that causes breakouts”. To no avail the last thing you’ll think to question… your SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER


At first you’ll scoff at the idea, “No way, no how!”, “My hair feels fine” “I don’t use shampoo on my face!”. Trust us, shampoo and conditioners are the top reason for unexplained breakouts.


As you shower; you fail to pay attention to the runoff, everything you put on your scalp runs right down your face and all over your entire body from head to toe. Around the scalp, and on your neck, and shoulders is where you will see the reaction most, due to concentration.  


Since we can’t control the problem of where these products will end up, let’s create a solution: Change your products! You might be in love with your current conditioner because it smells like heaven, but be aware that you’re damaging your skin. 


At DS Labs we’re as obsessed at achieving clear skin as you are, and have a whole team of scientists working on the latest technology to create a luxurious line with proven results. If you care about your skin, you need to switch up your hair products. 


You can take your pick of shampoos and conditioners, whether it be from the Revita (Stimulating), Radia (Clarifying and Hydrating) or Dandrene (Anti-Dandruff) lines. Because there is nothing harsh in any of the products from DS Labs, you are able to take your hair and skin care to a whole new level!  

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