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Cover Photo, Hair By: ROGUENNE VD HOEVEN​


Winter Woes: What and HOW to recommend products to your clients…


Most of the world is embarking on fall and bracing ourselves for another roaring winter. With forecasts of heavy rain and snow, what should you be recommending to your clients? 


It’s hard to convince your clients they need to shift their regimen to reflect the season, but there are a few products they need to have to make it to spring with healthy locks. Here are a few “talking points” that will keep you from feeling like you have to “sell” product, but get the things they need into their hands. 

Suggestions are appreciated! 


You can suggest, “Let’s book you for a winter deep treatment”. Share with your clients that with dry winter air, you can experience added breakage. “At your next visit, let’s do a deep treatment that will help strengthen the structure of the hair giving you back the added moisture you need.”  


Show them!


When there is a product you know will benefit them, show them. Use it at their service and hand it to them. Yes, hand it to them! Don’t just set it back on the station. Ask them to hold it while you style their hair. The ability to connect with the bottle, read ingredients, check out the price….that’s what will break down the barrier between a subtle recommendation and getting the client to take home the product you know they need. 


Thank them!


We know you thank them for the service, but what about “thank you for taking my recommendation!” Tell your clients that you DO care about the health of their hair and want them to look beautiful on the days they can’t be in your chair. Your clients are there because they respect and trust your expertise. Thank them for that gift and opportunity!


We know you love your clients. And sometimes the lines of client vs friend gets blurred. But, they would much rather purchase a great in-salon product knowing the person they trusts thinks they need it….versus the clerk at the drug store mentioning they heard it’s a good product.


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