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Do you change your hair color or nail color more often than you change your sheets? You’re not alone! With so many fun, vibrant and playful colors out there, why would anyone stick to a single shade for more than a week? Adding a fun pop of color to your locks or your tips is an easy way to amp up your look. But, don’t be fooled—color is a commitment, especially if you want to maintain vibrancy, dimension and shine. Read to discover easy ways to maintain your color all season long.

For Your Hair:

Stay cool

If you want to prevent your color from fading, you’re going have to make some major sacrifices, namely, avoiding heat at all costs. Heat from the blow-dryer, flat iron, curling iron and even hot water in the shower can cause your color to look dull, dry and lifeless. Instead, air-dry as much as possible, use the cold setting on your dryer when you’re in a pinch and rinse your hair with cold water.

Commit to regular touchups

Whether you’re playing around with rainbow brights or subtle hints of pastel, eye-catching color tends to fade fast, so make time in your schedule for routine touch-ups, ideally every 3-4 weeks. To help go a little longer in between appointments, be sure ask your stylist about colored conditioners you can add to your regular routine. 

Limit washes to 1-2 times a week if possible

Shampoo will inevitably cause your color to fade. While you can’t skip shampooing completely, it’s best to reduce your washes to only a couple times a week. Always use a color-safe, sulfate-free formula and follow up with a deep conditioner that will restore softness and shine.


For Your Nails:

Start with a white base

Whether you’re sporting the #jellynails trend or are just looking to liven up a pastel shade, apply a thin layer of white polish to your nail before applying color. Similarly to priming a wall before painting, the white hue serves as a blank canvas for your color and will help it pop against your skin.

Finish with a plumping, high-shine top coat

While a matte finish may look sleek and chic, the results don’t last long, leaving your nails looking dull, lifeless and flat. If you’re looking to achieve the brightest color possible, opt for a glossy top coat that provides a plumping or “gel-like” effect. When applied every 1-2 days, the volume will add dimension to your color and will keep your mani looking fresh for up to two weeks.

Limit water exposure

It should come as no surprise: Water can do a number on your nails. And while you can’t skimp out on showers and hand washing, it’s a good idea to reduce your water exposure. Always take a shower before painting your nails, not after, to ensure that the polish bonds to the nail plate. Other ways to minimize contact: Wear dishwashing gloves, avoid swimming and use only all-natural soaps, which should be free of harsh chemicals that may otherwise dull your color or cause chips.

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