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The blonder the better? Not always! While the summer season was full of highlight appointment after highlight appointment, as we make our way into winter clients are looking for easy ways to darken their tone and add depth to their style. Whether they are looking for a permanent solution or something that still allows them to go lighter in the spring, brush up on a few tips and tricks to get the color they’re after and keep the hair in the best condition possible. 

Going Darker 

Performing a service to deepen a hair color might feel less tedious than going lighter, however, there are a few extra steps every stylist should take to ensure a long-lasting shade and ideal appearance. 

When adding depth or going darker on pre-lightened hair, you need to think of the state of the hair. Hair that is lightened can be more porous and therefore needs to be filled prior to darkening. A great way to do this is with the addition of Shades EQ Bonder Inside. Choose a shade that will complement your next formula or simply use the Clear formula to build back pigment into the hair before applying your darker shade on top. Shades EQ Bonder inside adds the benefit of Bonder Inside to help strengthen sensitized hair. By filling the hair you ensure an even application and end result and will extend the longevity of the new color. 


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Placement Is Key

Are you creating a global tone or simply adding in a few lowlights or a root shadow? You would be surprised how much a few lowlights or a root shadow can completely change the overall look. If your client is craving a drastic change, suggest going a few shades darker, perhaps opting for a bronde tone instead of a level 9-10 and then continue to work darker at each appointment. Similar to cutting length, it is always easier to go darker but not as easy to lighten. 


Why Shades EQ?

Shades EQ is the ideal formula to utilize when your client is looking to go darker or add depth for a season. It gives them the ability to keep up with the weather and the latest trends while setting the stage to be able to go lighter again in the spring if they wish. Shades EQ is also a highlight conditioning formula that will add endless shine giving more depth and definition to finished styles and natural texture.