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The infamous Coco Chanel quote, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" couldn't be more accurate. As evidenced by every chick flick out there, many of us have gotten a “breakup cut” at least once in our lives. You know, the dramatic haircut you get after a failed relationship in hopes of capturing your significant other’s attention and helping him to realize what he's lost. But are “revenge cuts” as empowering as rom-coms make us believe? And, if so, why are we so afraid to step out of our comfort zones with a new look? Here, we reveal the top reasons why we should stop using our locks to seek attention and instead recognize how much power we have when it comes to changing our appearance. 


Seeking validation means you value someone’s approval more than your own

Yes, we’ll admit that nothing feels better than when an ex can’t take his eyes off of you. Revenge can be sweet, but possessing unshakable self-esteem is even sweeter. The only opinion you should value should be yours and yours alone; putting emphasis on someone else’s opinion of you only sets you up for disappointment. You can’t control what anyone thinks about you—all you can control is the way you think about yourself.


Stepping outside our comfort zone is scary—but it shouldn’t be 

Humans are by nature creatures of habit—we wear our favorite jeans over and over again, we order the same drink every morning at Starbucks and we watch the same shows on repeat. Keeping the same outward appearance feels familiar and comfortable; giving yourself a dramatic makeover can feel like you’re getting rid of the characteristics that make you you. But, in reality, you can cut and color your hair all you want—you are you no matter what your exterior looks like. What’s more, a little fear can be a good thing. Think of every major life change you’ve ever made. You likely experienced some fear or anxiety anticipating the events to come and yet you somehow managed to make the change. 


Changing your look is all about reclaiming your feminine power

The purpose of this discussion isn’t to dissuade women from altering their look—rather it’s about shifting the focus. Instead of seeking approval from outside influences, women everywhere should recognize the mere fact that we have the ability to make a physical change is empowering in itself. For example, you have the freedom to go out and get a pixie cut even if you’ve sported waist-length strands your entire life. You can dye your hair from black to platinum to every pastel shade under the sun if you so choose. You are the only one that can make those decisions and, therefore, you are the only one who can and should have an opinion about those choices. Take ownership of that power, embrace your femininity and allow yourself to explore it as freely as you want—not only will it heighten your confidence and self-esteem as you embark on different chapters throughout your life, you’ll also have great hair along the way!