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In essence, Alexander Turnbull’s latest collection is a study in time – observing the way a wall weathers, a building crumbles and color transforms itself. It is also a collection that gives a prelude to new trends – color, cut and style – that we can expect to embrace this season. Colors grow a little softer while cuts appear more crisp and defined. Organic matter is making way for more than just natural texture and Turnbull’s collection showcases this perfectly. Keep reading to get to know more about his collection and his inspirations and see the stunning images for yourself.

Tell us more about you as an artist. Did you always know you wanted to work in the hair industry?

I always had a big interest in hairdressing from back in the '80s. I always experimented with my own hair, a variety of mullets, different colours and many different styles so this made me become even more creative and passionate about the industry.

What moment has made you feel most accomplished? What has been your biggest challenge?

Throughout my career, I am very fortunate to have won two British Hairdressing Awards, whilst also finalizing ten times – an incredible achievement. However, I have to say that I feel so accomplished when educating and helping others achieve their potential within the industry. It’s incredible to watch them grow.

In this collection, there is a great deal of texture and shape, what tools or techniques do you use to get here? 

In all of my photographic collections, I love experimenting with different textures and shapes, it’s something I’m really known for. I use a variety of classic and modern techniques however I sometimes use things that are not really related to the hairdressing industry – I can’t tell you my tricks though!

What was the main inspiration for your collection?

My main inspiration behind this collection was finding something beautiful in the strangest of places. The hidden wealth that can be found in derelict buildings was a big source and I also considered how modern beauty can be seen in the industrial design. For instance a priceless painting, which is found in a loft after 70 years.  The building was battered and bruised however the location was partnered with the models, which were simply beautiful.

Did the final image transform from your original vision? 

I believe when I do photographic shoot, it’s best to keep it free and organic. My shoots always end up similar to my original vision but in my opinion, I love the courage to change if this is to reach a better potential.

What colors/cuts/styles do you think we’ll see more of this year?

I think mullets are making a come back! However, I think there will be a variation of themes. Colour wise I personally think the bright, bold and pastel colours are coming to an end, and more colours like fungus, mould, deep blues, greys and mauve will become extremely popular.

Hair Alexander Turnbull

Makeup – Tori Bell

Styling Alexander Turnbull with Jane Bowler Clothing

Photography – Jack Eames


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