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*Mic Drop*

That’s the sound of the conclusion of Amanda Gorman’s poem on Inauguration Day. It’s been a week, and we are still thinking about Amanda Gorman’s phenomenal performance. Her show-stopping piece, entitled ‘The Hill We Climb’ was exactly what we didn't even know we needed. Apart from her poem, the internet was set ablaze with a newfound love for this young woman's style! Not only did she leave the millions of viewers in absolute awe with her poem, but she also left everyone in awe of how stunning she looked. From her sunshine yellow Prada trench coat to the equally adorable red Prada headband! We loved everything about this moment in history, and here are all of the reasons why we love Amanda Gorman! 


Way With Words


Obviously, the main reason we instantly fell in love with Amanda Gorman is because of her brilliant way with words. There were many “wow” moments in President Biden’s inauguration, like J.Lo’s “let’s get loud” ad-lib and Lady Gaga’s rendition of the National Anthem, but no moment had our full attention quite like Amanda’s moment did. Millions of people, gazed on in unbreakable focus as Gorman gave the address of a lifetime. Seriously, when was the last time you were glued to a poetry performance?


Naturally Fierce (Rocking Natural Hair)

Again, Amanda is spotted in her trademark yellow Prada coat, but this time, she’s rocking her natural hair! 2020 was the year that people embraced their natural hair, and 2021 is proving to continue that trend. Amanda is proof! Not only is it more commonly accepted for people to wear their hair the exact way it grows out of their scalp, but it’s widely embraced by the beauty community! In fact, it’s never been easier to weat your hair natural because there is a plethora of amazing products which help keep your hair healthy and shining in it’s natural state. One of our go-tos for flaunting your natural hair is KEVIN.MURPHY’s EASY.RIDER defining anti frizz creme.


Killer Coats

After seeing how fabulous Amanda looked in her yellow trench coat on inauguration day, we had to do a deep-dive into her Instagram account to see if this was a common occurrence. Short answer, it is! It wasn’t just a fluke that Amanda looked that glam on stage, she truly looks that fabulous every day! Her IG is littered with photos of her in the hottest trench coats out there! From looking perfect in plaid to pretty in pink, Gorman knows exactly how to rock a coat!


Beret Beauty

She’s proven that she looks amazing with locs, braids, and her natural hair, so it should come as no surprise that Amanda Gorman is absolutely beautiful in a beret! If you take a quick 3-second scroll through the young poet’s Instagram page, you’ll see her signature red beret pop up more than a few times. It’s our belief that everyone should have a go-to accessory, and once you find one that works for you, you might as well show it off! A beret is a perfect accent to any outfit (as exemplified by Amanda), and we’re predicting that it just might be a new hair accessory trend in 2021!


Written by: Sahara