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The amika team was backstage for the Kaelen + Katie Gallagher FW15 presentations this season, under the direction of lead hair stylist Amy Farid. See below for a behind the scenes look into both shows, along with a step-by-step styling tutorial for both looks.


Get the look: Kaelen FW15

The style at Kaelan was inspired by the TV drama Twin Peaks, featuring foxy, feminine curls in a 50's-meets-90's style.

Key Products
amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer
amika Digital Titanium 25mm Pro Curler
amika Bombshell Blowout Spray

amika Straight Up Smoothing Balm

1) Beginning with damp hair, create a deep side part on the model and apply amika Bombshell Blowout Spray.

2) Rough dry the hair with the amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer. If the model’s hair is curly, apply amika Straight Up Smoothing Balm and blow dry smooth.

3) After drying, curl the hair with the amika Digital Titanium 25mm Pro Curler—beginning with the section parallel to the part, closest to the hairline. Curl the hair away from face, and set each curl with a pin curl clip.

4) Continue curling, finishing at the nape area. Let the hair cool for 5 minutes after curling.

5) Remove the pin curl clips and brush out the hair.

6) Back comb the front section to give the hair a little height, and then bring all of the hair over to the side opposite the part and allow for the curls to drop.

Katie Gallagher

Get the look: Katie Gallagher FW15

Katie Gallagher hair was undone perfection—with the model's hair tucked behind one ear.

Key Products
amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer
amika Digital Titanium Glide Styler
amika Bombshell Blowout Spray
amika Un.Done Texture Spray

1) Start the look by creating a natural, center part and apply amika Bombshell Blowout Spray to dampen the hair. Massage the product into the hair to enhance texture.

2) Lightly blow-dry the hair with the amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer, with your fingers acting as a diffuser.

3) When hair is dry, use the amika Digital Titanium Glide Styler to create a bend in the hair. The hair should not look curled.

4) Spray amika Un.Done Texture Spray into the hair, and finish the look by leaving the hair tucked into the clothing.

Special thanks to our amika team, Kate Ryan Inc, and our lead hair stylist Amy Farid. XO

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