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Pushing ourselves to take risks is where growth happens. By going outside of our comfort zone, we get rid of boredom and foster fresh new creativity. As we head into a new season, Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member and owner of  re:TREAT Color + Hair Design Studio  @annas_hair_retreat inspires us to switch up our routines and find practices that help us grow. Keep reading more about what inspires her and how to shake things up!

Artist Spotlight: Anna Peters

What inspires you? 

I’m really inspired by trying new things and taking big risks! I turn to architecture and plants for styling and color inspo.  New stylists inspire me too, I just love their fresh perspective, open minds and enthusiasm for growth.


What was your biggest "aha" moment as a hairdresser?  

When I realized the value of my time, and how to create boundaries to protect it. 


What's unique about your teaching style? 

I love to give as much as possible in my classes, so I come prepared to keep teaching until the lights are turned off (LOL).  As a salon owner and stylist behind the chair, I really understand my attendees struggles and I like to provide individual solutions, so they walk away enriched with information that directly relates to their business.  I want them to leave as better hairstylists and salon owners empowered to try something new.

What is your educational focus for the next couple of months?  

My focus this season is on foundations.  The bridal industry is always booming, and I think if I can share more education on the foundations of styling, more stylists could feel confident enough to step into bridal styling to expand their careers.  “Elegance to Long Hair Dressing” is a great class for this, see here.  One of the things I stress in this class is how mapping out your style will really help save time and energy, and you can create stronger cleaner styles. This moment was the first time I was invited across the country into an award-winning bridal salon to share my foundation class. 


Can you share a moment when you knew you made an impact on a student's learning? 

Once after a lunch break during a class at a school, a student came up to me and handed me a drawing she did of me teaching the class. She was so talented it was spot on from head to toe. She said she was very thankful for what I was sharing and that I inspired her to be an educator someday. It touched my heart deeply.


If you were stranded on a deserted island (where beauty and fashion reigned supreme) what would be the one tool you would bring?  

Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Swivel Shear, so I can keep a cute fringe going and cut through anything needed to survive.


Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know.  

I repelled off a 15-story building to raise money for an ice rink for our downtown. I didn’t think I would be afraid until I had to go over the edge backwards! Thankfully my dad was with me who always makes me feel like I can do anything! 


Get inspired to take more risks and book a class with Peters here.