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There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon in the sun. Skin appearing flushed, the warmth still radiating off your skin, and the dewy shine your skin takes on apres sun! While small amounts of sunshine (with the proper SPF) can be beneficial to your health, we’ve been conditioned to the fact that the sun actually ages you faster. From UVA and UVB rays to free-radicals, sun protection is key - but warmth is the best way to turn back the clock on your style.

Warm up your locks

Starting with your strands, schedule an appointment with your beloved stylist, pronto! No matter your level, with a quick and easy gloss your stylist can have your strands warmed up in a matter of minutes. Adding warmth to your color will instantly soften your features and give off the appearance that you’re glowing. 

Add blush

For the same reason warmer hair colors instantly make you glow, adding blush brings color back to your face giving off a youthful feel. Try out a range of tones - from orange hues to a pink flush - add one that suits your natural style. 

Avoid harsh eyeliner

While a classic cat eye can be dramatic in all the good ways, too much of a good thing can age you. To brighten up your face, apply a simple swipe on the upper lid and blend it out to define without closing in your features. Skip the liner under your eye, it will make your eyes appear smaller and add darkness to an area you’re probably fighting with daily to brighten up. (Hello, dark circles). 

Get a Trim

While blunt bangs or a one-length cut may have been a great idea, you might notice that the harsh lines are doing absolutely nothing for your face. Ask your stylist to soften your style with texturizing techniques or added layers to take years off. 

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