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Alongside the change of seasons, you may be eager to change up your hairstyle too, not sure what to do? Bangs are an easy way to instantly transform your look, elevating your go-to ponytails and low chignons to Sia status, without completely overhauling your look. Fringe, however, isn’t for every hair type, and, depending on your daily beauty routine, bangs might not be practical for you. Take our quiz to find out if you should try out a fringe for the season ahead.

Q: What is your hair type?

A.    Smooth and straight.

B.    Course and curly.

C.    Frizz-prone and wavy.


Q: How much time do you like to spend on your hair?

A.    Not too long. My hair is naturally pretty soft and manageable.

B.    Wash-and-go with the help of a few products is all I have time for.

C.    I don’t mind spending about 15-20 minutes a day if it means my hair will behave.


Q: What is your biggest hair issue?

A.    My hair gets oily way too fast.

B.    My hair is pretty difficult to smooth and straighten, so I tend to just let it do its thing.

C.    I have to style my hair right away or else it’s out of control!


If you answered mostly A's, congrats you’re an ideal candidate for bangs! Your hair is extremely manageable and will pretty much fall into place in the morning when you wake up.


To keep your fringe from looking flat and stuck to your forehead, apply a volumizing mousse to strands for a little lift, then blow-dry your bangs before drying the rest of your hair. Hold your blow dryer above your head and point the nozzle down while you brush your bangs from left to right as they dry straight. Another quick tip: If your hair gets oily fast, apply a tiny amount of dry shampoo to clean strands to go longer in between washes.

If you answered mostly B's, bangs just may be a little more upkeep than they’re worth. Your curly hair requires constant maintenance and if bangs are on the shorter side, they will tend to “bubble out” quickly —not cute! For something a bit more wearable, opt for longer, face-framing layers. To style, apply a dime-sized amount of smoothing cream from mid-lengths to ends, then use a round brush to blow out your strands, making sure to pull the hair away from your face.

If you answered mostly C's, be prepared to keep a blow dryer and flat iron handy. To keep crazy cowlicks in place, apply a tiny amount of smoothing cream to your bangs, then blow-dry bangs straight. If necessary, use a flat iron on a lower heat setting to smooth strands, then use a finishing spray to eliminate any flyaways. Or, if you know how to control those curls, opt to wear your bangs curly – a style that is so on-trend at the moment! Simply apply a curl cream to wet hair and allow them to dry naturally.

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