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With 23 years of industry experience and the owner of Hype Hair Studio, Lisa Polini demonstrates her ability to continually push her creative eye within the industry. She believes that hard work, honesty and integrity are the keys to success and if you take a peek at her latest collection – you too will agree. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind her latest collection – FATE – and take a peek at the beautiful images for yourself.


FATE - a collection of editorial images with a twist of East Asian influences symbolizing the red thread of fate. ‘The Thread Of Fate’ is an East Asian myth originating from Chinese legend.
 It is believed the old lunar matchmaker god would tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those destined to meet. Those connected by the red thread are destined lovers regardless of place, time or circumstance and no matter how much it is stretched or tangled it will never break.

FATE as a collection represents being able to love yourself no matter how dark the road may seem or how broken you may feel. Loving yourself is the most beauty and power a woman can possess. It is a reminder that in an imbalanced world and society of pain and suffering, love shall conquer all.

Collectively the colour palette incorporated hues of Asian inspired yellow-gold, similar to that used with traditional jewelry, and cool-based earth tones. The use of solid colour blocking was applied intermittently to accentuate strong lines, whilst soft blended high and low lighting on a pivotal bias are worked into the other looks to give maximum texture and dimension within the internal structure.

The shading between light and dark exaggerates the strength of the forms within the hair and gives both dimension and structure to each look. The combined looks are strong but with a hint of softness to them to create a depth and romance marrying the selected palette together.

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