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Fantasy color is more popular than ever, and Jordi Schonwetter most definitely knows how to execute it with ease and style. She has a way of implementing bright combinations of color creating a canvas you can’t get enough of. We asked Jordi her take on the trend and where she see’s it going in years to come. Here’s what she had to say….


What was the inspiration behind your collection? How did the creative process unfold?

My long haired model is actually a client of mine who requested blue hair on her waist length hair one day and after that I knew I wanted to use her as a model. I called her my "mermaid" and wanted to focus on bright colours that would be found in tropical oceans. I tend to overthink things so I really struggled with deciding exactly what to do for each model because after I got an idea in my head I would dissect it until I hated it. Finally I just decided to stop thinking so much and just start applying color and with a lot of help from my boss and mentor, Michelle Pargee , and fantastic photographer, Kale Friesen, this collection came to life.


Where and how do you see the fantasy hair color trend growing? What is your favorite shade?

Fantasy colors are become so dominant in fashion culture and I'm loving it! I think anyone can pull off fun colors as long as it's customized to their personality and lifestyle. I definitely see brighter and bolder, but I also predict natural colors with an added flare of a fashion shade.


What do you think the “it” color will be for 2016?

Green! Emerald green, forrest green, mint green, sea-foam green....I think we'll be seeing a lot more of these colors very soon.


Are you “sweet” or “Salty”…was is your favorite junk food vice?

Sweet. I'm not a huge fan of candy but I love ice cream, baked goods/pastries, and anything chocolate!


What is the one tool and/or product you can't live without?

KMS Free Shape 2-in-1 Styling + Finishing Spray! It provides heat protection and long lasting, weightless hold for your style!


If you weren’t a hair artist, what profession would you choose?

Veterinarian. When I was younger I used to volunteer at my local vet to help care for animals after their surgery. They even let me watch some minor surgeries!


Who did you look up to as a child and why?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was smart, beautiful, caring, and didn't let anyone push her around. Plus, she had that awesome library and talking furniture.


Who would be your ultimate dream team and why? From photog to model?

Hair: Mario Krankl. His styling is phenomenal and it would be amazing to learn from him on set. 
MUA: Samantha Ravndahl (Batalash Beauty) because she thinks outside the box and has no fear when it comes to trying something new or different. 
Photographer: Greg Swales. He's a brilliant photographer and a talented artist and I love his style. 
Model: Rhiannon McConnell. That face! Those lips! What's not to love.


What is your “Recipe” for an amazing shoot?

A team that works well together, communication, spontaneity, and lots of coffee.


What’s on your “Pump Up” playlist?

Spice Girls - Wannabe
Beastie Boys - No Sleep ’Til Brooklyn 
Saint Motel - My Type 
Fat Man Scoop - Be Faithful 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll
Britney Spears - Work Bitch
INXS - Need You Tonight 
Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer
DMX - Party Up


What other Color Trends do you see in our future?


An evolution in the pastel and vivid trend; more multidimensional, mixing muted or translucent pastels with saturated jewel tones for a luxurious effect. Lived-in, sunkissed brunettes and blondes with a flicker of an unexpected fashion shade. Deep, rich brunettes with a blue or violet undertone to catch the eye.


Who are your style icons?


Jenny Strebe
Zooey Deschanel 
Michelle Williams
Chloe Sevigny


What is your favorite aspect about being a Hair Artist?

Watching a client's face light up when they see their new colour or cut. Hearing them say, "is this really my hair?!" is the best feeling! Changing the way someone feels about themselves just by trying out a new color or a different shape for their haircut.


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