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Programmed to seek instant gratification; during this time of social distancing many clients feel the need to turn to products like box dye. Salon professionals know the grave impact quick-fix solutions like this can have on a client’s hair, which is why it is especially important to address the topic of caring for your colour at home. From root cover-up spray to toning shampoo and simple style tricks - there are plenty of ways to extend the life of your colour. 

Grey hair solutions

It can be unnerving for clients when grey hairs start to peek out. The first step to getting through it is to accept it; there should be no shame about the natural colour of their hair. Next, remind them that using an at-home box colour will not solve their problems, and only make it much harder to correct once they do return to the salon. Instead, urge them to pick up RETOUCH.ME – a root touch-up spray to cover up greys without damaging their hair. With four shades – BLACK, DARK.BROWN, LIGHT.BROWN, and AUBURN – a quick spritz will deposit micro-fine pigments that quickly and discreetly conceal greys without flakiness or residue. 

Highlighted and colour-treated hair

Highlights, lowlights, balayage or babylights - chances are your clients are going to be dealing with colour fade out right about now. While a pH.D process would be perfect to reverse brassy tones in the salon, COLOURING.ANGELS is a solution your clients can use at home. A colour -enhancing treatment that adds a specific hint or impeccable shine to any colour, it will condition strands as it refreshes tones. 

  • AUTUMN.ANGEL - A soft apricot rosé shade for natural or rose-toned blondes. 
  • COOL.ANGEL -  Ash tones refresh natural or salon-made grey shades for a cool finish. 
  • SUGARED.ANGEL - A creamy beige finish, this treatment mutes unwanted warmth while enhancing creamy vanilla shades. 
  • CRYSTAL.ANGEL - Add shine to any shade with this illuminating gloss colour.
  • BLONDE.ANGEL - Combat brass and enhance blonde shades with this lavender-hued treatment. 


Style tips

While it might be everyone’s first instinct to grab a beanie and call it a day – accessories are a great way to conceal your colour while adding an upbeat finish! In this KM.TV Episode STYLE.MASTER Sarah Lund goes through a few great styles you can create with a scarf. Whether your client likes to wear their hair half-up, in a pony, or in long loose waves, these styles can be tailored to their individual style. Tune in to grab a few key tips to share with them or suggest they take a peek at this great tutorial!  

At the end of the day, your clients trust your professional opinion, which is why you need to have an honest and open conversation about the best ways they can care for their colour at-home without caving in to box dye. To tune into more tutorials and tips, be sure to check out the latest KM.TV episodes here!