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Who would have thought that wearing sneakers with an LBD would be acceptable? But now it has surpassed the constraints of comfort and accessibility and gone straight to fashion-forward. The correct name for it would be “Athleisure” and while we’re certain you’ve all heard of it by now, what you may not know is how much of a milestone it is within the fashion industry and where it’s heading next.

The Athleisure movement isn’t just an excuse for wearing yoga pants and sneaks everywhere; it has now become the epitome of chic for both body and mind. Taking things one step further, it has now started impacting the beauty industry in a big way. While sheet masks are perfectly acceptable on planes now (maybe certain airlines excluded.. ahem ahem), beauty has become all about self-care and making sure you feel as good as you look.

Beauty is now about what works for consumers while they work out – whether that is hair products, makeup or your nails. Leading a healthy lifestyle has hit an all-time high and consumers want products that can stack up to their workout and allow them to look cute as they grab their green juice after. TARTE has been one of the major proponents of this movement creating Athleisure for the face with “yoga pants for the skin”.

As more and more consumers become aware not only of the need for products that stand up to their daily routine, they have also become cognizant of what goes into products and want the very best for their body and skin.

Take charge of your self-care and learn what you can do for your body. Some of our favorite recommendations from fellow stylists are to be sure to take care of your body and always be ready for the gym with some of these recommendations!

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