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The best part about Redken Symposium is the energy that comes from the collective group! All too often we’re left to connect online through Social Media but attending Symposium allows stylists and salons to connect in real time with educators and influencers. With hands-on classes designed to build styling, business, marketing, and digital strategy, Redken is giving you to tools to learn better, earn better and live best!

To get a sneak peek of what we have to look forward to at this year’s Symposium, we chatted with a few of Redken’s Educators about what they love about Symposium and what they’re most excited about!

Attending Redken Symposium is not only about your time there; it’s also about what you take home from it. Redken Artist Hugo Urias says, “One thing I think of when I reflect on all the years of attending Symposium is how you always leave with SO much inspiration and endless new ideas!! It makes me think of the iconic phrase “What happens in Vegas”…but with a twist. At Redken Symposium we like to say ‘What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas... share it with a colleague!’”

This year, Hugo notes that attendees will be able to get more hands-on because there are more classes offered. Instead of 3 classes a day we’ll have 6 a day with shorter segments to keep things moving. This year the classes will touch on everything from Social Media hot tips for attracting your dream clientele to how to adapt trends to your existing clients.

“From my perspective as an educator, we must never stop learning if we love this craft.” Says Redken Artist Hugo Urias. “Attending Redken Symposium is vital to our growth and would help us propel towards achieving our goals. What I love most about Redken Symposium in Vegas, is that we celebrate being part of such an amazing craft together in the education we receive and with the new friends we make at this life-changing event.” He adds.

There’s just something about seeing art and education in person that strikes an inspirational cord in an audience. Redken Artist Lindsey Olson agrees that sometimes you have to detach from the digital word to reconnect with your craft. “At a point where everyone is so digitally attached, there in no better time to experience live inspiration and education. Being at an event in-person can never be replaced by YouTube or social media and is healthy and imperative to see live! Even music and theater still need to be seen live. Don’t get me wrong I love the digital world! But, I find it ultra important to step outside and meet in person!”

The great part about Redken Symposium is that it brings together artists with similar passions and styles. Olson adds, “Attendees from around the world inspire each other with their presence alone. In addition, education is thoroughly planned for months and will change lives. I am honored to be an artist that has the opportunity to share my passion with so many! My dreams are to pass the motivation, confidence and energy on to everyone I can and Redken Symposium is definitely a top location for such a thing!" 

Redken Symposium 2019 takes place on January 20th-22nd at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas!

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