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As we all get ready for the back-to-school season, we’re looking for fresh inspiration for new styles. Sometimes the greatest ideas are the simplest ones!  As Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken says, “Simplicity is today’s brilliance!” 

Sam’s Twisted Flower technique is the perfect accent for any back-to-school style. The best part? The technique is so easy it can be taught to parents and students alike! Follow along below for the steps and for similar techniques and direction on how to practice knotted styles, tune into the video below.

*Pro-tipUsing ribbon, cord or rope is a great way to practice dexterity and tension for creating braids, knots, and twists.  No mannequin needed, just affix to a doorknob!

Twisted Flower Step-By-Step:

  • Isolate a section where the flower will be – along the front hairline works well.  The bigger the section and longer the hair, the larger the flower.
  • Apply Redken Rough Paste 12 to add lightweight grip, smoothness and shine.
  • Loop an elastic around the top area of the hair near the head and slip the loop hair forms around the pointer finger on the other hand.  Repeat for each petal (4-5), twisting the elastic between each one and gathering all the loops of hair on the same finger.
  • Secure the elastic around the entire group of petals (loops) and wrap the remaining hair around the elastic.
  • Spread petals to lay flat on head and secure with a couple straight pins.

“I talk about adding value behind the chair all the time and this little technique is a perfect way of connecting with younger guests and parents who want to get a bit more creative with their styling,” says Villa.


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