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The embrace of natural texture patterns has opened up new movements and techniques surrounding hair color for wavy, curly, and coily hair. One of the best ways to highlight individual curl patterns is through balayage. A free-hand color technique that allows the stylist to create a customized color placement that enhances the shape of texture. Read on for a few of our favorite balayage tips for highly textured hair.

The Case For Balayage

While foils can help keep color placement tidy and allow for a higher lift for certain hair types, balayage is the ideal technique for highly textured hair. Similar to creating a haircut for curly or coily hair, seeing exactly how naturally dried hair falls can help shape the entire service. Seeing how each curl or coil forms and the overall silhouette gives the stylist control over exactly where highs and lows are placed. Balayage is also a better option for highly textured hair because the process is less damaging to these hair types that tend to be drier and more delicate.

Expert Tips

The biggest factor in any style comes down to the upkeep. At the initial consultation, chat with your client about their lifestyle habits and what is involved in color care. If your client wears their hair curly or coily most of the time, rather than smooth, this can make a big difference in the way color is applied. Clients should always come to color appointments with their natural hair, so you’re able to see the patterns. In addition to placement, the amount of lift clients are wishing to achieve should be evaluated. Like any color, clients with curly hair who are looking for a big transformation should be done over time, especially because curly and coily hair is more easily damaged. Start by going only a few shades lighter and continue to lighten over time or stop when you find a shade that suits them. The other great thing about balayage, in general, is that it has a soft grow-out and doesn’t need to be touched up as often. When it comes to product, Redken Free Hand Creamy Lightener is a great option for open-air techniques while Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside and Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside is perfect for cutting down on excess damage without compromising lift. 

The Take Homes

Like we mentioned earlier, balayage color placement is much more low maintenance than foils or full color because, with a natural-looking application, the scalp area is softly blended and doesn’t show regrowth as easy. Clients will probably want to book follow-up appointments for a Shades EQ gloss every 4-6 weeks and a balayage touch-up every 8-12 depending on their desired style. After any lightening service, utilizing Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate in-salon treatments –Redken Acidic pH SealerRedken Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate, and Redken Acidic Moisture Concentrate – are key to normalizing the pH level of hair and cutting down on excess damage while restoring moisture. This line is also an ideal at-home care option to continue color care.  In addition to this, utilizing color-safe shampoo and conditioner formulas like Redken Color Extend Blondage and Redken Color Extend Brownlights will impart lavender or blue hues every time you wash to cut down on premature fading and unwanted tones.


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