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Bangstyle is all about celebrating YOU, the artist. That is why each week we choose 6 of our favorite uploads to compete in a yearlong contest celebrating the beauty and inspiring images the community creates!

From over 300 weekly winners to 12 monthly winners to a single Artist To Reign Supreme for the Year! This year, we have 12 amazing artists who will be competing. Who will win? It comes down to YOU! The Artist To Reign Supreme is based on a community vote.

The Rules:

Each person can cast one vote a day for your favorite image.

The Dates:


Tuesday, January 1stThe contest launches.

Monday, January 7thThe Top 3 Winners Will Be Announced.

Friday, January 11th The Artist To Reign Supreme 2018 Winner will be announced.


The Finalists:







Whether you’re in the competition, have friends or colleagues who are, or simply want to celebrate beautiful hair art, be sure to vote each day and share your support on social media!

Competitions are an important part of our industry – of any industry really, especially that of an artistic nature. It gives artists the chance to work toward something special, to test your skill, push your boundaries and to support the fellow community.

Whether you’re working on stage, behind the chair, on set, or creating work for online upload contests, going outside of your comfort zone is the perfect way to grow.

Take a peek at all of the beautiful work from each of these artists by visiting https://www.bangstyle.com/reign_supreme and stay tuned to see who wins!