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As sleek hairstyles make a comeback, you might be looking for new and improved ways to accessorize them! Braids are a perfect way to add interest to any style and with this latest look from Sam Villa, you’ll be able to have a swanky new style in no time. Looking for a way to weave in a new styling technique for 2019?  This Basket Weave Braid by Sam Villa, Co-Founder of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken, is the perfect accent or foundation for so many looks. Whether hair is worn down or pulled into a sleek chignon, starting off with a basket weave braid is the perfect first step. Keep reading to see the steps and take a peek at this video to see exactly how Sam Villa got the look!


“This simple two strand twist technique can easily be transformed into many different styles, and the pattern draws a lot of attention to long, medium and/or short hair,” says Villa. Not only does it look great on all lengths, but it can also transform your color by drawing attention to contrasting shades. 

The Basics: Take a section, slice into 2, twist away from the face, take a section from the top surface, drop in between, twist away, continue rhythm and secure end with elastic.

Keep in mind:

·       The pattern can be customized to be straight across or diagonal.

·       Each row should mirror the sections of the previous row – they don’t need to be exact, but more uniform than relaxed pancaked patterns.

·       It’s ideal for one-length hair, if working with layers; the pattern might have to start lower (top of ear to nape area).

·       When creating patterns, minimize the time hair is loped through elastics by twisting the elastic multiple times to tighten around hair and just loop through once.

·       Once the pattern is created, hair can hang naturally, be folded under or sculpted into an up do or ponytail.

“Basket weaves are all about rhythm, get your rhythm down and your sections will be uniform and your confidence will soar,” adds Villa who continually provides hairdressers with ideas to use behind their chair to grow their business.

Credit: Sam Villa

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