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Based in the UK, Benjamin Madle creates gorgeous editorial imagery out of his salon HeadHunters, run entirely by himself and his parents. Benjamin was recently announced as a finalist for the upcoming Global.Synergy competition, put on by our friend Emiliano Vitale. We are so thrilled for Benjamin and cannot wait to watch him continue to flourish in the industry. We had the chance to ask Benjamin a few questions about his career and why he is excited about the upcoming competition and mentoring program.

Why did you chose to enter Global Synergy 2014?
I entered Global Synergy 2014 because the concept intrigued me and making a short video enabled me to get all the best bits of my career so far, not just my current work, to be seen by the judges. I also loved the idea of the mentoring sessions, as it would give me an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in hairdressing including my “Hair Idol” Robert Lobetta. It was a fantastic feeling when I found out that I had got through to the final four. As it happens, it was the start of a good week as I received news that I was also through to the finals of both the Hairdressers Journal Barber and Afro Stylist of the year finals.

What is your all-time favorite collection? Which collection of yours do you like most?
My favourite collection by another hairdresser is Angelo Seminaras “Mixte” collection. I loved the way he seemed to combine commercial and avant garde hairdressing in the same collection yet still making it flow and fit together. My favourite collection of my own work is an avant garde collection I am currently working on in collaboration with an artist called Kazland. It’s something completely different than anything I’ve seen before and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! As soon as it’s ready of course...

What are your long term career goals?
To win BHA southern hairdresser of the year.
To win BHA men’s hairdresser of the year.
To win BHA avant garde hairdresser of the year.
To have my worked featured in and have a front cover on Vouge/Elle/Tattler/ Harpers.
To grow and expand my family business into more locations. (HeadHunters is my family’s business. It was set up by my father and we have been established for 20 years this year, we currently have a staff of 3 myself, my mother and my father!)

Why is mentoring so important?
I believe mentoring is absolutely crucial in anybody’s career progression as it enables you to get another perspective on your work, to see what other people have done and learn from others' experiences.  That’s why I am really looking forward to Global.Synergy as it will enable me to learn from the real elite of the industry.


Be sure to "Stalk" Benjamin Madle to see more of his awesome hair art and to wish him luck in Global.Synergy!