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Wash and go hair will never go out of style, but how do we achieve that easy-breezy effortless look? Key factors to consider are texture, climate, (no style) style, and products. Keep reading as we break down exactly what goes into the perfect cut for air-drying your hair!


The number one thing that should be taken into consideration when aiming for a cut suited to air-drying is a client's natural texture. Ask clients to come in with freshly air-dried hair so you can see their true growth patterns and texture. Some clients will have multiple textures on one head of hair which will alter your game plan.

Blunt lobs and bobs can be great for straight textures while they would be a nightmare for thicker curlier hair. Layers and texturized ends will suit a wavy thick canvas much better than they would a finer one. Some clients have a curlier nape area that will shrink shorter and can change the geometry of your cut, consider cutting a blueprint on dry hair first and remember that textured hair can shrink significantly.


Find out a bit about your client's life. When living in Georgia, I discovered that I actually had curls, not just lazy waves. The humidity added moisture to my hair, which defined my curl pattern. The opposite could be true for someone who just moved to a drier climate, they'll find their hair limp and lacking definition. Usually, clients live in the same climate as you but it's always good to ask.

In more humid climates curly hair will coil tighter making it appear even shorter. Maintaining length while removing density will help keep a balance when air drying. In dryer climates, more layering may help restore the lack of volume. In addition to this, ask them if they notice any differences in their hair between the summer and winter months, this will give you a good idea of how hair will perform as the weather changes so you can give them a cut they'll love all year round!

Heatless Style Tips

Air-dried hair may be the goal but that doesn't mean we want to sacrifice style and aesthetic. Before your client leaves the salon, encourage an air-dry styling lesson including products, clip placements and a rotation under your favorite dryer. Position crucial areas such as bangs, hairline and crown with clips to encourage the hair to dry in a certain position. If you cut the hair wet remember to give it an extra rinse to ‘reset’ the natural texture.

Product Picks:

Key products for air drying hair are going to be those that are applied wet and offer control or volume. 

For curl definition and control: KEVIN.MURPHY MOTION.LOTION


For moisture and nourishment: KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE


For volume and humidity resistance: Redken Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse


For less frizz and more polish: Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk

Written by: Nicoletta