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As the summer sun starts heating up, salons see an influx of clients asking to go brighter and lighter. Lucky for you, giving your clients the level of lift they are looking for has never been easier.

With Scruples new POWER BLONDE 9+ Lightener, you can achieve up to 9 levels of lift and more! This dust-free formula helps strengthen hair from the inside out. Fortified with a Hydrating Protein Bond Protector that strengthens and maintains the cortex bonds and conditioning chamomile and panthenol to soothe the scalp and hair, giving you beautiful results and more lift in less time.

Want to take your blonde to the next level? Pair your POWER BLONDE 9+ Lightener service with Scruples Power Blonde Conditioning Gel Fashion Toners Kit this summer to take your clients pastel hues to the next level!

Find out how to get the best for your blondes by visiting scrupleshaircare.com for more info!