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When it comes to summer there’s one colour that gains popularity every season – blonde. However, for summer 2024, you'll see a transition from block and platinum blondes that were popular in 2023, to softer, creamier tones and expensive-looking golden shades. Below are a few of Colour Educator & Colour Workshop Member at Rush, Tina Mehmi's favourite blonde shades for Summer 2024. Keep reading as Mehmi highlights the top blonde shades of the year she expects will be highly requested and her key tips to ensure all blondes look their best throughout the season.

Summer 2024’s Top Blonde Hair Color Trends


Buttercream blonde 

This summer it’s all about creamy, soft blondes with a mix of both warm and cool tones to create mega dimension and depth and to give hair a gorgeous lustre such as buttercream blonde. This is still a light, bright blonde, however, with the combination of some warmer tones ribboned through the hair, it avoids the colour looking to harsh and ‘block’ like, and instead, gives hair a more natural, sun-kissed and reflective finish that’s perfect during the summer season. 

Old-Money blonde 

Another popular blonde hue this season is old-money blonde. This shade is perfect for clients who are looking for a warmer, more golden-toned blonde, that will add a glow to their complexion and provide hair with a super elegant and luxurious appearance. With this colour it’s all about colour placement and ensuring fine highlights/babylights are placed strategically through the hair. These should then be paired with a super soft, subtle shadowed root for depth and dimension. 

Pastel blonde 

Add some fun to your blonde without a drastic change — pastel shades of rose, apricot and blush pink give blonde hair a gorgeous soft and subtle wash of colour and blend out beautifully. These will also add warmth and shine to the hair and can be worn all over, highlighted or free hand painted throughout the hair to provide delicate highlights, depth and a playful touch to the hair. Colour can also be placed through the front sections of the hair or underneath for those who simply want to add a pop of colour to their look.

Chardonnay blonde 

If you want an ashier blonde tone, chardonnay blonde is a great choice. This shade looks bronde/light brunette due to being incredibly cool-toned and gives off an almost smoky appearance. This could be a particularly good choice for blondes who want to opt for a lower maintenance blonde hue, or for those who can’t decide between blonde and brunette, where they can incorporate a darker root and some cool, ash likes tone through their current base shade to break up the blonde and cool it down. With this shade I like to paint on a darker root and infuse a mix of lowlights and highlights to perfect the hue, focusing on softer face framing around the front to draw attention to the face and make the eyes really pop.

The Top Tips for Blonde Hair

From the consultation to the colour and the care, after creating summer’s most beautiful blonde, you’ve also got to keep it. Here are a few expert tips worth noting.

  • Discuss with your clients using more gentle shampoos and conditioners - Sulphate and alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners are a good choice and will avoid drying hair out further and will help to retain hair's natural oils. One of my favourites, which is also specifically for blondes, is the KMS Colour Vitality Blonde Shampoo. It’s SLS free, sulphate free, alcohol free, vegan, silicone free and gluten free and will help neutralise any dull yellow tones and keep blonde hair looking vibrant and fresh between appointments. 
  • Discuss care products with your clients – alongside shampoos and conditioners, products such as lightweight leave in conditioners, serums and heat protection sprays are a must in a blonde's at home hair care routine to provide their hair with extra moisture and to minimise damage. One of my favourite blonde care products at the moment is the Goldwell DualSenses Blondes & Highlights Colour Lock Serum, which helps to seal in colour and provides colour luminosity and weightless conditioning care too. 
  • Hair treatments/masks – blonde hair has been through quite a process and giving it extra TLC with treatments/masks is so important. At RUSH we love to advise our clients to use argan oil treatments at home around once a week as these are incredibly nourishing to the hair. We also always suggest to our blonde-haired visit us for keratin treatments where possible which are great for smoothing the hair and improving the condition. 
  • Discuss a blonde colour plan with your clients – blonde hair requires upkeep, however, visiting the salon too regularly can have damaging effects on the hair. At RUSH, ensuring clients blonde always looks fresh and clean but also is in the best condition is so important to us. We like to sit down with our client following the appointment to ensure they are booked in for their next few appointments to keep their blonde looking its best. We may also suggest different colour services each time to avoid over processing the hair such as half head highlights and t-section highlights instead of full head highlights or glossing/toners between full services.

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