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More often than not, when visiting friends, I notice them using the most basic hot tool incorrectly - their blow dryer. Its ok if you haven’t mastered your form and your round brush skills could use a little brush-up, but one key element to getting a great blowout is by attaching your nozzle. Also known as a concentrator, this small attachment can make a huge difference in the results you get. If you constantly struggle with an unruly blowout with frizzy results, chances are adding the concentrator (nozzle) to your routine will do the trick. Keep reading to find out why!


The main purpose of the nozzle (also known as a concentrator) is to concentrate air flow in the direction you wish. A strong, forceful airflow combined with the proper heat setting will help you get fast and efficient results from your service by decreasing drying time. 

Your Nozzle Directs Air Flow

By having a more concentrated direction for the air flow this not only allows you to better control your blowout, it also allows you to get more force within that direction. Airflow is extremely important because you want to make sure you are not blowing air against the cuticle. Getting a smooth and shiny blowout means making sure your cuticles are laying flat and in the same direction. 

Keep Things In Place

Working in small, controllable sections are key to getting a sleek looking finished result. By using a nozzle, you’ll be able to work in one area without affecting another. Drying one section completely before moving on to the next is key to getting a blowout to last and reducing the changes of frizz.

Product pick:

Sam Villa Professional Ionic Dryer

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